About Heli Heartland

Heli’s speciality is aligning business strategy and employee ambitions and delivering high-impact leadership and performance strategy, coaching and training at all levels of seniority.

Heli leaning on chin

Heli is an accredited Leadership Expert and Executive Coach with highly commercial background. She is exceptionally skilled in pulling people outside their comfort zones to experiment with a new perspective or behaviour, either individually or as a team.

Heli’s working style is direct and forward-moving, and she thrives in high-paced environments, tackling layers of complexity. Heli was raised by a serial entrepreneur father and a multi-discipline nurse mother who taught her that you should not limit your curiosity and that there’s no such thing as “can’t be done”, you merely need to get off your ass and go do it.  Add to this a relentless Finnish sisu attitude and an ability to fearlessly and cheerfully approach and get on with any personality or audience, and you start to get an idea of who you’re dealing with.


Heli works as a partner to senior leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs who are ready to step up their game and make bold, commercially sound decisions that create action and impact.

Typical starting points for business consulting:

  • Change of leadership or ownership in your business
  • Scaling the business and teams
  • Changing or expanding your offer
  • Working with multi-location teams
  • Hiring for Leadership Potential
  • Succession planning
  • Setting up or reviewing your People Operations, Processes and Tools


Heli coaches people who are fed up being limited by their circumstances and are motivated to make changes. She will help uncover and challenge attitudes, beliefs and values, and transform the way you live & work.

Typical starting points for personal coaching:

  • Becoming a business or team leader
  • Fast tracking toward promotion
  • Starting or leaving a job
  • Taking on a new industry, culture or country
  • Simultaneous turmoil at work and in personal life
  • General unease about the ‘right’ career/life direction or decision