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Heli Heartland

Heli Heartland is a strategic and pragmatic people leader, consultant and executive coach with a track record of creating impact across the Innovation, Leadership and Culture agendas for corporates, governments and startups

Heli offers high impact consulting, executive coaching and training for fast-growth businesses:

Heli’s approach

Heli combines principles of agile, design thinking and neuroscience of learning in how she approaches all work, and she uses coaching and mentoring as everyday tools.

With a hybrid background and willingness to always bring ‘all her hats’ and step up to any challenge, Heli gains trust quickly with different types and levels of teams and influencers, and is able to bring diverse players together quickly to create lasting win-win value.

Heli’s background

Heli comes with 10+ years of people development and 20+ years client and project leadership experience from innovation, design and technology focused businesses. She has worked with all levels of seniority including C-level folks, and can skillfully gel together multi-discipline, multi-level teams even if they have never before worked together.

Heli’s range of experience covers

  • Large corporates such as Novartis, HP, Nokia, Microsoft and Oracle;
  • Innovative growth businesses and early stage start-ups such as 100%Open, &us, the Digitalist Group, Antidote Communications and UglyDrinks;
  • Creative agencies such as GREY, Moving Brands, Hugo & Cat and Applied Works;
  • Public bodies and governments such as NESTA, Innovate UK, India, Brazil and Kenya.

Heli is well versed with the typical corporate politics as well as entrepreneur growth curves and the challenges of creating effective networks and ecosystems between public and private sectors.

How Heli pays it forward

Heli is an active member of business advisory board of the award-winning inclusion agency The Unmistakables, and the pioneering open innovation agency 100%Open.

Heli also trains and coaches future leaders as Leadership Expert for the Design Business Association, as Executive Coach for the UK Marketing Academy, and as Career Mentor to Aalto University

What clients say

Heli’s support has been invaluable

“What struck me most about Heli is her intelligence, her kindness and compassion but also her utter directness in bringing people to meet with their potential and best self.”

Global Director, edtech

What Heli does is ‘compassionate asskickery’

“Thank you for all of your skillful coaching and facilitation. You are a wonderful role model and walk the edge so beautifully between staying true to the process and creating a safe space for people to show up fully and take risks.”

Global Head of Culture, corporate tech

I absolutely love working with Heli

“She was able to thoroughly grasp both our business scenario and my personal situation. I will continue working with Heli in the future as my business develops and I continue to develop as a leader.”

CEO, FMCG startup

When can we talk?

In a no-strings-attached 20-minute call we will cover your business need in broad strokes, and establish if my services are the right fit for you. We will then agree the right way forward.

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