Words create worlds Part 1: Talking yourself down

Words have amazing power

We form our self-image, self-beliefs and practically our whole lives according to what we tell ourselves about ourselves. Positive or negative, we soak all those words in and let them fill us and guide our lives.

I used to feel quite desperate about my life, trapped in my own choices and stuck in cycles of destructive behaviour toward myself and toward other people in my life. As part of my own journey of being coached I took a long hard look at how I use language and realised that I can be extremely harsh on myself, even abusive. I am capable of judging, punishing and slaying myself in ways that I would never ever subject anyone else to!! As a result I have put myself down for most of my life and forcefully stood in my own way.

What do you say to yourself?

It’s completely natural to sometimes feel disappointed, resentful, angry, let down, guilty or embarrassed. But what we say to ourselves in those moments has huge impact on what we think of ourselves for the rest of the time. And what about those good times, moments of happiness, success, and love? Allowing yourself to enjoy them, really feel them and appreciate them is hard for many of us.

See if you recognise any of these:

“How could I be so stupid?” “It was the worst possible thing I could’ve done” “I knew it wasn’t going to work” “There was nothing else I could do or say” “Why would anyone care for what I think?” “I’ll never get it right so what’s the point”

“That was a complete fluke” “They’ll soon figure out I don’t actually know what to do” “He’s just saying it, he doesn’t really mean it” “Yeah she says that now but just you wait” “One good thing is not going to change anything”

What we are doing by belittling our own abilities and dismissing any positivity in our life is giving away our own power to cope, to recover, to choose, to live. What we are saying to ourselves, effectively, is: I am stupid, I always do the worst things, no-one values me or my opinion, my skills don’t matter, I don’t matter.

It’s never too late to choose differently

For me, the journey from self-dismissal to self-appreciation involved growing my awareness of what I was doing, taking note of what impact it had on my own life and on everyone around me, making up my mind over if that was what I wanted, saying no to that question, and then, slowly, choosing other things to do instead, trying them out and sticking with the ones that were working for me.

Effectively, I was reconfiguring myself to be the person I would rather be. And being the sceptic that I am, I didn’t believe it would make any difference… until it did. There was a point when things just started to feel different, and be different. I was having a different impact on myself and the people around me, and I couldn’t deny it because it wasn’t going to happen, it was already happening.

Change is always possible, no matter what situation you find yourself in. And coaching is one way to achieve it by focusing not on the past but on what you want going forward.

– – –

“Words create worlds” is something I heard a lot during my coach training from one of the trainers. This is  Part 1 of a series of posts it inspired me to write. Other posts in this series: Words create worlds Part 2: Dismissing other people and Words create worlds Part 3: Minimising the problem.

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