Personal power songs (the legacy of Ally McBeal)

Ah, Ally. How I loved your cooky, impeccably mistimed weirdness!

I wanted to be like Ally – not a stick insect or a lawyer, but an independent woman who plows on in life with determination and eternal hope for true love, regardless of all the little (!) mishaps that happen along the way.

Most of all, I wanted to have a life with a soundtrack.

Did you know that some of the most influencial and successful people have a soundtrack full of theme songs?

Countless sportsmen & women, public speakers, trainers, top executives and writers all use music to step into being who they want and need to be at a specific time. One song to get them up from bed in the morning, another to shave or put their make-up on, another one for driving, and the most potent one saved for that moment just before taking centre stage. Music literally powers their performance.

It is possible to ‘anchor’ or associate a specific state of being, emotion or mood (or all of them!) to a piece of music in order to trigger that state whenever you want by simply playing that piece of music. We all already do this by associating memories to pieces of music, but the true power of music association is in anchoring to a state of being of your choice and making it instantly accessible by will. I recommend having a trained coach or NLP Practitioner do this with you for the first time, and have them teach you how to do it yourself, too.

Popular theme songs ‘genres’


  • Songs that are life-preserving, about hope, trust and love prevailing despite difficulties
  • Songs of love, longing and despair that give you a release from your own unarticulated feelings
  • Hard hitting stuff that makes you stand up straight & hold your head up high like nothing can touch you
  • Upbeat dancing tunes that bring up the fun and carefree you, and make you get on the dance floor


Who’s playing on your soundtrack?

Think what more you could do, how much more you could be, if you had all the most powerful, inspiring songs in your life always available, mixed to the max!

To get you going, here is Ally’s boss, the ever-charming John Cage, with a little help from Mr Barry White:

PS: I knew you’d ask!

Here are some choice picks from my own personal soundtrack – a mix that keeps me afloat with ass-kickery, hope and good energy.



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