Myth busting: positive thinking required

Coaching doesn’t work on positivity

There is actually no requirement of positivity from you in order for you to get results from coaching. For some reason people still think that what happens in coaching is really just twisting things in their head in order to make something positive out of things that aren’t right. That’s not what happens.

And listen to this: You don’t need to believe in coaching, either! First time I ever got coached myself, I really desperately wanted the coaching to change things for me, but I didn’t really believe that it would. Just like one of my clients recently said: “I’ve failed so many times, why would this be any different?” But right from the first coaching session things started shifting and it all just escalated into a ridiculous amount of positive changes in my life that I would have never been able to create if I hadn’t asked for help from a coach.

What is there, then?

There is a very significant element of positivity in the way I, as coach, treat you, the client. In coaching lingo that’s called unconditional positive regardWhat it simply means is that no matter how you are feeling or what you think of yourself, I will always, without exception, treat you as creative, resourceful and wholeThere is still no positive thinking required – this is not a way of thinking, it is a way of being that is expressed in everything I do as coach.

So it’s ok to start working with me even if you don’t really believe that things can change for you. I believe. It’s not just my job to do that. It is my personal stand as coach for every person to have at least one person who believes in them. And until you believe in yourself, I will stand by you and be that person.

The real requirement

The only requirement that I have for you is that you don’t want to accept ‘the way it is’ even if you don’t yet know what it is that you want instead. I work with people who are motivated to make a change, people who have something in their life that’s either clear as day or blurry as fog, that’s nagging to be looked at.

And what does happen when people are coached is that their view of themselves, their life & other people tends to shift. Sometimes very significantly. This may then have side effects like taking more actions which may lead to a happy, fulfilled life full of possibilities, love and joy… Beware ;)

If you are interested in creating a truly different life for yourself, get in touch.
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