The Angry Birds life lesson

Angry Birds screenshotAngry Birds is one of my guilty pleasures. It also offers one of the best life lessons ever.

What am I talking about?!? In case you’ve spent the last year or so in a cave hiding away, Angry Birds is a game where you fling birds towards different types of structures in order to destroy as much as possible, plus kill all the pigs that are lurking around. You get awarded 1, 2 or 3 stars depending on your score. That’s the gist of it.

What’s the lesson?

When I’m stuck at a level in the game, I get really frustrated. I always think I KNOW how to get three stars, things just aren’t happening quite the way I WANT. So I keep coming back to the same episode time and again, trying to make things go my way.

But, alas, every single time only one thing works: trying a different strategy. That’s right. I only ever succeed when I give up on what didn’t work the first time, second time OR the nth time, and try something I ‘definitely’ didn’t think would ever work. And without too much extra effort, voilá, all the pigs are dead and the three stars are mine. I can proceed to the next episode. Take the next step.

Why is it so hard?

Einstein insanity quote

There is true ‘letting go’ that is required. Needing to surrender to what is and what isn’t, and allow it to shift, to change. What is, is me thinking I know better, I know everything, I understand everything, and my logic is unfallible. What isn’t, is me standing in front of a perceived problem looking at all the possibilities for solving it, allowing for all possibilities to exist.

This is difficult for us human beings because we have an inherit need to be right, to be validated, to be on the right team, in the right job and the right career path, live on the right side of town, and be in the right relationship. We fiercely defend our right to ‘live our lives as we choose’ even if it kills us. Or keeps us stuck at a level way below our capabilities, our intellect, our talent.

Albert Einstein’s famous quote implicates that he saw through this and knew better. But as the rest of us are regular human beings who learn through mistakes and need tangible proof of everything that goes against what we think is the truth, we need to be reminded of all the lessons we learned, otherwise they all too easily fall off and we are back wondering why the hell doesn’t the world work as it ‘should’.

To ponder

Think about your life and where you feel stuck. And without specifically asking you to get Angry Birds if you haven’t already, I would ask you to at least consider this: What can you have in your life that would help you snap out of behaviours that never worked and never will?

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