Commercial meets compassion 

Heli’s specialities are aligning business strategy and employee ambitions and delivering high-impact leadership and performance strategy, coaching and training at all levels of seniority.

Heli brings high energy, can-do attitude and wealth of experience and perspective. She has 20+ years client and project leadership experience from client-side and from several types of agencies ranging from innovation to digital to branding to market research. Organisations Heli has worked with vary from large corporates to small businesses and early stage start-ups, and she is familiar with the typical corporate politics as well as the best-friends-and-co-founders setups. 

Most recent clients include Moving Brands, Applied Works and Antidote Communications. Heli also trains and coaches future leaders as Leadership Expert for the Design Business Association, as Executive Coach for the UK Marketing Academy, and as Career Mentor to Aalto University

With her hybrid background and willingness to always bring ‘all her hats’, Heli gains trust quickly with different types and levels of teams and influencers, and is able to bring diverse players together quickly to create lasting win-win value.