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About Heli Heartland

Heli is a high energy, high impact leadership coach and strategist with commercial savvy and laser-like intuition. 

heli-blue-hairHeli is an internationally accredited coach with an impressive hybrid background. 20+ years of hands-on corporate and small business experience from digital, creative, tech, telecoms and market research sectors means that Heli brings a wealth of insight and perspective to every conversation. 

For the past five years Heli has focused on coaching and advising business owners, entrepreneurs and management teams in developing leadership culture and creating strategies, frameworks and tools for people development. 

Heli also trains and coaches future leaders as Leadership Expert for the Design Business Association, as Executive Coach for the UK Marketing Academy, and as Career Mentor to Aalto University

Heli’s passion is in making business more human. Understanding how an investment in people development directly translates into success for the business and willingness to speak up and challenge leaders on their beliefs and behaviours, is what makes Heli stand out from the average ‘people person’.